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The Smart Belle BELLE FUZZ will be shipping in June!


60's Fuzz, no compromise https://youtu.be/hacq0MY8bdE


For years I have played some of the best vintage Fuzz pedals in the World. 

My favorite fuzz pedals are Tone Bender pedals and the one that I truly love is the MK2.

As you may know vintage fuzz pedals are as unique and varied as human beings from pedal to pedal. 

I have spent time tracking down an amazing fuzz only to travel with it, tour with it and have it change based on wear and temperature. 

Also, who wants to spend big dollars on a vintage fuzz only to have it change over time? Who wants to take a fuzz that rare on tour if you don’t have to?

Well I am happy to announce that we have nailed what I believe to be the best MK2 style fuzz available.

We have used our proprietary technology to recreate the tone of the finest example of this iconic 60's fuzz with no variations due to age, component degradation, or temperature.

In addition to the normal Volume and Attack controls we added two other controls to the BELLE FUZZ. We added a tone control and also a bias control.
The Tone control allows you to travel in time, everywhere from Mick Ronson's Bowie era TB, to the Violin tone more associated with a few rare vintage Fuzz Face units, just by manipulating the tone knob.

The Bias control is where this thing gets really, incredibly fun.
The Bias knob can allow one to tune the BELLE FUZZ from a perfectly functioning, "1 in a 100" sounding Tone Bender style machine, all the way down to an extreme, low down, filthy box which provides that ugly, sputtering, near Octavia tone that one can only get through component age, failure, or from a "special" Octavia. You tune your Belle fuzz to your happy place and just play away.

Oh how I love this pedal. $199.00 plus shipping.

We will be taking advance orders and we do expect to sell out of the first run very quickly.

Pre-Order NOW

Who wants the best 60's style fuzz with no compromise?


The SR71 features a new technology using Analog circuitry to replicate the tube tone, and feel of legendary tube amps.  

The amp is based on our Flagship amp the P-51 which featured 4 6L6's and a compliment of 12AX7 to produce a tone very similar to a early 70's D amp that was based on the modding of a Tweed Twin.  

The amp is aggressive, touch sensitive and has all of the compression and grind of the original tube amp. 

We will be using this technology in the future to bring you incredible products and we are excited to introduce this one. 

Smart Belle SR-71

Not your Daddy's Solid State Amp

The new SR-71 features the following controls 

Channel 1


Level for FET Boost control



And Rock/Jazz switch




Channel 2



Master section 

Master volume


Rear panel

D Style buffered effects loop with send and return controls and on off switch.

Foot Switch

FET Boost


Preamp boost

The Preamp Boost control is a feel supercharger that makes the amp move aggressive with a faster response. 




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Smart Belle Amplification


The Smart Belle P51

Lance Keltner, pro guitarist, gear developer and overall tone fanatic has played through a myriad of vintage amps and boutique amps over the years but was most inspired by the 70’s tones achieved by David Lindley. The explosive tones that came from a basic modified Fender circuit to create a Tweed Twin sound on steroids were the tones that really inspired Lance to play.

Lance has owned Dumble, Park, Marshall, Vox and Fender amps over the years but was most haunted by the tone he heard from a 70’s Dumble amp.
The thick incredible overdrive and ability to go from mean to clean with the volume knob on the guitar is the impetus behind the Smart Belle design

The amplifier features a 4 6L6 power section for incredible headroom, however the re-engineered master volume allows world class tone at bedroom levels.

The tube driven effects loop is built into the amplifier with both send and control returns. There is no more need to purchase an external tube driven loop since its built right in.

There is a three-button footswitch that allows for the switching of our three favorite functions: Channel, EQ defeat, and FET boost.

Speaking of the FET boost, it is not only foot-switchable but also completely variable as there is a dedicated knob for a variable level of the boost on the front panel.

The SMART BELLE P51 is our first offering and you will find there is nearly zero noise floor even at the highest gain settings.

For stage, or studio use, the SMART BELLE will deliver tones that will inspire.

Don’t be dumb…..
Play a Smart Belle.


P51 Specs

The P51 Features a 4 6L6 power section.
FET Boost volume.
Bright Switch
Mid Boost
Rock/Jazz switch
Gain Channel Drive and Volume
Master Volume
Tube Driven effects loop with send and return controls built right into the amp. (no more external loops)
Foot switchable channel switching
Foot switchable EQ Cut
Foot switchable FET boost (variable)


Purchase a Smart Belle

You can buy a Smart Belle P51 today.  The wait time is approximately 6 weeks. 

Call for pricing.

Speaker cabinets are available.  Call for pricing.

Contact us at 


Or call Lance Keltner at 512-983-8988


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Lance Keltner's basic settings

Lance Keltner's basic settings

Starting from left to right these are Lance Keltner's basic settings. 

Remember that the send and return on the back are engaged whether you have effects inserted or not so please start with those both at around 1 o'clock and then change them to taste. 

Learn More

Get in touch with us for more info and suggested tone settings and get advice on the best loop based effects for your needs. 


Sample Settings

Let's Share Tones!

We will be adding sample settings from our owners and Artists over the next few weeks.  Feel free to get in touch and let us know your favorite sample settings and we will share those with the Smart Belle community.

David Gayler

David Gayler, 

Owner at Studio 71 West in Spicewood Texas shared his favorite Smart Belle P51 setting.  This setting is with the gain channel engaged. 

NAMM 2020



We will be sat the SONO TONE STRINGS booth at NAMM this year.  Come check us out. 

BELLE FUZZ coming soon!

We are happy to announce that we will be debuting our BELLE FUZZ at the NAMM show on the 16th of January!