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Smart Belle Customer Quotes

Here is a quote from our happy customer Frankie Sullivan or Survivor who wrote Eye of the Tiger.

From frankie

Lance, I Played a show with your amp last night! I've won some tough battles over the past two years and they were ”All Erased” when I hit the first chord of the night. It's an open g and you know when you can nail that one and run a slide up the neck the amp is amazing. The sound is powerful and strong yet easy on the ears. The tone is what your fingers want it to be. The amp is terrific Lance.
As a long time Dumble player, and I do have one of the best ODS’S he made (#150 out of #300) the Smart Belle Amp does it all with a few added perks; the adjustable FET gain and I use way more than I do when it's not adjustable. It gives me a little more compression and pop on a Telecaster. I love Tele’s but they don't sound right unless I have the amp. So I chose it as a first run at it through a Smart Belle I played the Telecaster passing guitar change after guitar change until the last four songs. This amp moved me and I didn't want any other energy getting into the Mojo between me and the sound. The Smart Belle amp is now my #1. I thank you so kindly for your work, input, and advice Lance. Oh, I use a lot of different clean sounds during the show near the end and the fender 12 was killer, the rick’s shined and a 59’ Burst was where it likes to be, plugged into an amp that enhances all of its qualities, i.e. the PAF’S... the old LP sang. More to follow
Thanks brother.

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Smart Belle P-51


Our Flagship 100 watt amp

Imagine if you will the perfect mixture of 50's High Powered Tweed Twin and Early "Lindley" era 70's Dumble. 

6L6 power section

Custom wound transformer and 4 6L6's provide more headroom than you will ever need while our Master volume can reign in the beast for reasonable stage volumes when needed. 

Tube driven efffects loop

The P-51 features a tube driven effects loop with both send and return controls to accommodate any effects unit from your favorite vintage delay unit to a rack mounted reverb and all points in between.  The loop can be switched out of the circuit completely or used as a gain stage even without effects plugged in. 

Three way bright switch

A three way bright switch allows the user to have the bright switch off, engaged on the whole amp or just on the clean channel alone. 

FET Boost

The P-51 features a FET boost that is foot-switchable and variable.  There is a knob to control boost level. 

Preamp boost

the preamp boost lights the amp up by removing some of the EQ circuit.   The amp becomes even more touch sensitive. 

Smart Belle Amplification P38


New P38 amplifier

Smart Belle would like to announce that we will be offering the P38.  Just as tone-full as its big brother the P51, the P38 will feature 4 6v6 power tubes and a half power switch for operation at 18 watts.  All the tone with just less headroom.  All other features will remain the same.  Contact us to get on the list!  sales@smartbelleamplification.com or call Lance at 512-983-8988

Deposits being taken now!

a 50% deposit will hold your spot for a P38.  Get on the list now as it will fill up fast.  The price is the same as the P51.  Why you ask?  Our transformer costs are the same as are all of the other components.  These are handmade amps with custom components.

Smart Belle SR-71

Not your Daddy's Solid State Amp

The Smart Belle SR-71 is a tube free amp with more tube tone than most of the amps on the market today.

The amp has the exact same layout as its big brother tube amps the P-51 and P-38.  It has the same controls, switches, and even the full send and return D style loop.

What's different?

The amp use our patent pending technology that replaces both the preamp and power tubes in the amp itself without sacrificing one bit of tone or feel. 

The first 25  were built by in Austin Texas and if you order now the serial number will be numbered 1 through 25 and your initials will be included in the number. 

This amp is a game changer and we can't wait to share it with the World.  





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Smart Belle Amplification


The Smart Belle P51

Lance Keltner, pro guitarist, gear developer and overall tone fanatic has played through a myriad of vintage amps and boutique amps over the years but was most inspired by the 70’s tones achieved by David Lindley. The explosive tones that came from a basic modified Fender circuit to create a Tweed Twin sound on steroids were the tones that really inspired Lance to play.

Lance has owned Dumble, Park, Marshall, Vox and Fender amps over the years but was most haunted by the tone he heard from a 70’s Dumble amp.
The thick incredible overdrive and ability to go from mean to clean with the volume knob on the guitar is the impetus behind the Smart Belle design

The amplifier features a 4 6L6 power section for incredible headroom, however the re-engineered master volume allows world class tone at bedroom levels.

The tube driven effects loop is built into the amplifier with both send and control returns. There is no more need to purchase an external tube driven loop since its built right in.

There is a three-button footswitch that allows for the switching of our three favorite functions: Channel, EQ defeat, and FET boost.

Speaking of the FET boost, it is not only foot-switchable but also completely variable as there is a dedicated knob for a variable level of the boost on the front panel.

The SMART BELLE P51 is our first offering and you will find there is nearly zero noise floor even at the highest gain settings.

For stage, or studio use, the SMART BELLE will deliver tones that will inspire.

Don’t be dumb…..
Play a Smart Belle.

Smart Belle Swag

P51 Specs

The P51 Features a 4 6L6 power section.
FET Boost volume.
Bright Switch
Mid Boost
Rock/Jazz switch
Gain Channel Drive and Volume
Master Volume
Tube Driven effects loop with send and return controls built right into the amp. (no more external loops)
Foot switchable channel switching
Foot switchable EQ Cut
Foot switchable FET boost (variable)


Purchase a Smart Belle

You can buy a Smart Belle P51 today.  The wait time is approximately 6 weeks. 

Call for pricing.

Speaker cabinets are available.  Call for pricing.

Contact us at 


Or call Lance Keltner at 512-983-8988


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Lance Keltner basic settings.

Lance Keltner's basic settings

Lance Keltner's basic settings

Starting from left to right these are Lance Keltner's basic settings. 

Remember that the send and return on the back are engaged whether you have effects inserted or not so please start with those both at around 1 o'clock and then change them to taste. 

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Get in touch with us for more info and suggested tone settings and get advice on the best loop based effects for your needs. 

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Sample Settings

Let's Share Tones!

We will be adding sample settings from our owners and Artists over the next few weeks.  Feel free to get in touch and let us know your favorite sample settings and we will share those with the Smart Belle community.

David Gayler

David Gayler, 

Owner at Studio 71 West in Spicewood Texas shared his favorite Smart Belle P51 setting.  This setting is with the gain channel engaged. 

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